Issue 04 – One Database Will Never Happen

In this issue, we will cover. There are many databases and tools but where is the data platform? There are only three roles in data Data visualization color guide The Future of the (Modern) Data Stack Indexes in Postgres Why "one database" will never happen and how data platform helps? A few years ago, I … Read more

Issue 03 – State of data jobs and VC funding

In this issue, we will cover. The distribution of data jobs by primary technical skill (spoiler – Python & SQL win by a wide margin). The rise of operational analytics. Inspiring Tableau data visualizations Big data, big money Free learning resources on deep learning and a data engineering bootcamp Which data skills are in demand? … Read more

Issue 02 – BI Unbundling, Data Podcasts, Emissions

In this issue, we will talk about the need for unbundling of the Business Intelligence layer. The lack of love for the semantic layer (relative to visualization) has been a net negative for data professionals. We will look at example of a data visualization from McKinsey. This chart will highlight what makes a visualization pop. … Read more

Issue 01 – Snowflake, Scaling MySQL, AWS Flashcards

In this inaugural issue we will cover Snowflake, cloud computing flash cards, and books and resources about data science. Snowflake is hot and for good reasons. It is the first major relational database that is targeting some of the toughest challenges of data professionals: data sharing, collaboration, and analytics. There have been many solutions to … Read more