Our goals and mission

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Dev Bhosale. Many years ago, when I was in college, one of my assignments was writing a “C-program”. I created a graphical representation of Discrete Fourier Transform. The sinusoidal waveforms took different shapes based on some parameters in the algorithm. It was magical. Since then, I fell in love programming, numbers, and data visualization. I have been working in Business Intelligence and Data Science for 15+ years. First thing that comes to the mind when somebody says that they are a data professional is spreadsheets. Spreadsheets will remain as popular as a loaf of sliced bread in 2030s. The data profession offers plenty of roles depending on whether you like to be around other people 🙂

My first full time job as a data professional was in year 2008, before the financial crisis. After learning the basics of data analytics, I started applying those skills in personal finance. I came across “Mr. Money Mustache”. He showed how little one needs to spend to live a decent life. It was a revelation. Saving and investing those savings is one of simplest path to financial freedom.

So, there you have it. A two-pronged approach to improve your career prospects and your personal finances. That’s the focus of datawithdev.com. You will find byte-sized and actionable content with hands-on exercises. This will help you acquire practical, hands-on skills. We will cover everything from the foundational topics (spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau) to the cutting-edge (cloud).

As you climb those professionals ladders, it is important to save and invest. We will include tools and resources to help you become a better investor.